Assessment  | 


Includes ear examination, full hearing test and middle ear pressure test.


For anyone interested in the health of their ears, people who are regularly exposed to loud noise or for anyone with general concerns about their hearing.



Impressions for custom products, including in-ear-monitors. 


For anyone who requires impressions for custom ear products such as in-ear-monitors, ear moulds or ear plugs.



Custom-made ear plugs to protect the ears from water. Swim plugs are comfortable, waterproof and buoyant. Impressions of the ears are required and are included in the price. 

For swimmers, surfers and water sports enthusiasts as well as for anyone who suffers from frequent ear infections, is sensitive to water in their ears or has a perforated ear drum.



Custom-made ear plugs. Soft silicone, comfortable to sleep in and fit perfectly. Effectively block out disturbing noises while sleeping. Impressions of the ears are required and are included in the price. 

Great for people who's sleep can be interrupted by outside noise, for shift workers, or for those who like to wear ear plugs but find them uncomfortable or poorly fitting.


from  £139

Custom-made ear plugs to protect against noise. Includes filters to reduce damaging loud sounds, while maintaining aeration in the ear and audibility of normal everyday sounds. 6 filter options, depending on the environment.


10 - The lowest sound reduction hearing protectors | For acoustic musicians or anyone who isn't exposed to high noise levels for long periods of time

15 - A subtle filter with a medium attenuation | For unplugged musicians including vocalists, wood and brass musicians, and orchestras

17 -  The most versatile and natural sounding hearing protector in the world | For amplified musicians, DJ's, vocalists, sound engineers, clubbers and gig-goers

20 - Designed to soften harsh high frequency sounds | For drummers and some industrial uses 

26 - For use in very loud and challenging environments | For industrial environments, as well as by sound engineers, amplified musicians and venue staff 

27 - Exceptional attenuation in dangerously loud high frequency environments | For extreme industry environments, and popular with sound engineers, event staff and seriously loud amplified musicians