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Microsuction is a safe, gentle and effective method of removing ear wax from the ear. It  is considered the gold-standard of wax removal by ear, nose and throat professionals in the UK. It is safe, even for ears with a history of perorations, operations and infections. No water is used in the process and there is no need to use ear drops or olive oil beforehand which means you can book in immediately for instant relief.

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HW AUdio custom fit

in ear monitors  |

From £499

HW Audio technicians meticulously shape and work your ear impressions before creating acrylic shells that offer an exceptional seal and isolation of 26db.


The sheer quality and sound reproduction from a set of custom earphones is indescribable, leaving you in a world of bass you wouldn't believe was possible from balanced armature drivers and high frequency clarity enabling you to hear sounds in songs that you didn't know existed. 

HW Audio in ear monitors can be completely customised, from colours to wood veneers and mother of pearl face plates, they are always trying to out do themselves when it comes to design.

IE2.A -

The iE2.A, this was our first custom fit acrylic in ear monitors, unlike its silicone predecessor, this dual driver is hand crafted by skilled technicians to create a lightweight acrylic shell custom fit to each users ear. Our new acrylic custom in ear monitors shells offer an attenuation value of 26db which will greatly reduce unwanted stage noise and enhance your listening experience whilst reducing the risk of ear fatigue.

Our dual driver in ear monitors set up consists of two balanced armature drivers with with a passive two-way crossover network, designed for pro-audio. 

An overall brilliant custom IEM for any musician looking to start their venture into the world of custom In ears or perfect for drummers and bass players looking for a little more low end in their mix.

IE3.A - A subtle filter with a medium attenuation | For unplugged musicians including vocalists, wood and brass musicians, and orchestras

IE4.A -  The most versatile and natural sounding hearing protector in the world | For amplified musicians, DJ's, vocalists, sound engineers, clubbers and gig-goers

IE6.A - Designed to soften harsh high frequency sounds | For drummers and some industrial uses 

IE8.A - For use in very loud and challenging environments | For industrial environments, as well as by sound engineers, amplified musicians and venue staff 






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