Amelia Quinta

MSc BSc (Hons)

Audiologist and ear care specialist. Passionate about ears, hearing and evidence-based healthcare.


Amelia gained her BSc degree in Audiology from the University of Bristol in 2009. Following this, she worked for the NHS in adult and paediatric services for several years. She obtained her MSc in Advanced Audiology at the University of Manchester in 2013. Afterwards, she worked for Boots Hearingcare in London and then an independent audiology clinic in Liverpool where she also became an instructor in microsuction ear wax removal. She currently works as an independent audiologist in the North West of England, specialising in musician's services and in-ear monitor impressions.

"Over the years I have loved solving people’s hearing and ear problems and answering their questions, but I only ever got to reach one patient at a time.

Hopefully, using an online platform, I can teach more people about their ears. My aim is to create a community and have a place to go where you know you will get honest, trustworthy and reliable advice".


Ear Mint provides ear care and audiology services, as well as free online advice about anything to do with ears. Founded by Amelia Quinta, audiologist and ear care expert, it delivers honest and trustworthy information about ears, hearing and balance. Subscribe and follow to learn about your ears and keep up with the latest developments.

Current clinical services include ear wax removal, noise protection, impression taking, swim plugs and sleep plugs.

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